For the love of painted pianos

Painted pianos make a bold statement. “I’m here. Notice me. Come, sit and explore the keys. Let’s create and entertain.”

One of the things I’ve noticed as my kids have grown older, is that I have more time to do some of the all consuming things that I may not have considered when they were younger and more active underneath my feet. You know.. the types of things that can’t be done if you expect interruptions.


A few years ago, my dear neighbor and friend was doing some home renovations. He had an old piano that he was hoping to give to a budding musician. At the time, no one in our home played the piano, but our daughter dabbled on an electric keyboard and was somewhat musically inclined.

The piano was old and worn, the mirror that covered the top ledge was cracked and broken. The keys needed repairing and tuning. I thought of it as a (soon to be) beautiful piece of furniture, rather than a instrument. I was mostly excited to incorporate it into my whimsical decor.

I had seen many painted pianos on the pages of blogs, and this one belonging to Farm Girl Paints had inspired me.

painted piano yellow
Farm Girl Paints

Little did I know that the moment I painted mine a bold yellow color, it would become the field of dreams. “If you paint it, they will come.” From my own children, to neighbors, to first time visitors, and even the kitties.

It became attractive… not only as a statement piece of furniture, but as the instrument it was designed for. Maybe it was the newness, freshness, or yellowness. I’m not sure, but anytime someone questions whether they should paint an old lifeless piano, I pipe in with a resounding “Yes!”

It’s quite simple. I did it all myself.

The color is semi gloss “french pale gold” by Behr.

Along with the paint, I purchased a can of Kilz primer, painters tape, a medium sized brush and a smaller brush for the edges around the keys. I taped over the keys and the foot pedals. Then, I primed, sanded, and painted until I had enough coats to cover the old brown finish.

It was scary at first, but within minutes of getting the primer on, I was settled and excited. I could sense life returning to the old piano and I was on my way.

I have also read posts about people that use a paint sprayer to paint their piano.

If you don’t have an old piano, a quick search on Craigslist should get you started.  You may even be lucky enough to find one being given away for free.

Here are 8 more of my favorite painted pianos for inspiration.

green painted piano
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gray painted piano
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It’s been a few years, and now it is my youngest son who takes piano lessons. Our painted piano is beautiful, but worn. He reminds me that it needs some serious tune-up work each time he plays it. We are planning to get the broken keys and foot pedal repaired, and we look forward to the sounds of a bold yellow, fine tuned piano being played throughout our home.

Summer is the perfect time to start a project like this. If you’ve thinking about it…just get to it! You’ll be happy you did!