Kombucha, the immortal health elixir.


kombuchaLast Spring, my daughter spent a semester as an intern at a Young Life camp in Colorado. It was there that she learned about Kombucha. When I visited her in March, she encouraged me to taste it. But before I tasted it, I smelled it, and from there I needed to know what in the world it was.

She talked about the benefits to your body, mind and immune system. She talked about black tea, and sugar, and scobys, and about how” the mother” had to grow and evolve for weeks before being made into a valuable fermented drink.

I was intrigued, but at $3.85 per 14 oz bottle, I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest. I finally took a chance on a minty flavored Kombucha locally brewed and sold in the cutest local market. The bottle was pretty enough to make up for the taste in case I didn’t like it, but in fact, I loved it enough to sip it until was gone.

After returning home, it seemed that I was more in tune to noticing Kombucha in markets and even large grocery chains. My husband had tried a few flavors and had purchased bottles to store in our refrigerator.

Not long after, he found this local brewery that brews their own beer and Kombucha. This has been the game changer. Kombucha on tap. A brewery where you can sample a flight of flavors from watermelon to lavendar all while playing corn hole, listening to live music and eating tacos from a food truck. You can even bring your dog and stay to watch a Panthers game.

Every week, my husband refills his growler of Kombucha on the day he gets the discount. His flavor of choice is “Wake Up Call”, but the “Strawberry” is my current favorite. Last week, our family stopped by after dinner and we shared a flight of 6, taste testing and blind fold guessing. An entertaining game.

If you’re anywhere near uptown Charlotte or find yourself passing through, you really have to check it out!

What is Kombucha exactly?

I am no expert, but from what I’ve been told…Kombucha is a fermented drink made with a colony of bacteria and yeast, and either black or green tea. It is carbonated and contains sugar, enzymes, vitamin b, and probiotics to name a few. It has been called both a “cocktail of good bacteria” and “the immortal health elixir.”

What are the benefits of Kombucha?

The fermented drink is helpful to detox the body, boost the immune system, promote digestion, reduce anxiety, increase energy, aide in weight loss, reduce joint pain and other symptoms related to autoimmune diseases, and even prevent and treat cancer.

Before I left Colorado, my daughter was already talking about growing her own scoby and making her own Kombucha. Recently, my sweet friend posted on facebook that she had scobys to share and to come and get your starter kit. Regular people brewing in thier kitchens and in their laundry rooms.

If you’re not up to brewing, but want to try it out, look for Kombucha in your local market. Whole Foods, Fresh Market and even Harris Teeter have a few to get your started. My favorite, Lenny Boy’s Strawberry, can be found bottled in several locations in NC, SC, TN, GA & VA. Search here for the latest!

It’s safe to say, I’m on board for the health benefits…and thanks to my husband, there is a growler full of something fabulous in our fridge each week.

Here & here are some variety packs offered on AMAZON to get you started. I have not tried these products, however, if you are not in an area where you can find kombucha in the local market, the health benefits are worth trying a few that will be delivered to your door.



Let me know if you’re loving Kombucha…or if you’re excited now to give it a try! And if you give it a try, I’d love to know what you find that you love.


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