The Enneagram: Whats your number?



The Enneagram is fascinating. As in….I am fascinated by it.

As far as personality tests go, it gets me.

Answer a series of questions, and get thrown into 1 of 9 personality types. It’s interesting to say the least…and amazing, mortifying and humbling…if I can be  truly honest.

The cool thing about this assessment is that, not only does it tell you your personality type, it also tells you what your personality becomes when you’re threatened and hurting or when you’re healthy and fulfilled.

By knowing these things about yourself (or about your spouse or children), you may find a healthy spot to settle on when differences arise. You may understand your way of thinking and laugh out loud when you discover that your way of thinking is ridiculous to someone else… simply because of the way they are wired.

We were created with intention, perfectly formed and unique. We all, as members of one body compliment each other.

Some are labeled as achievers, some givers, some protectors, and so on. It’s refreshing and frightening to see where you might land.

Since we are talking numbers…

I’m a 3…. an absolute 3.

It is a little hard to accept, but it ‘s most certainly the truth.

I also have some 8 and 6 traits that weigh heavily on who I am. That makes me the one who wants to be popular and successful, in control and secure. Luckily, I have some soft places to land when I am the healthiest.

If you want to know your number, there are many free tests floating around on the inter-webs.

Check these out. Take more than one test.  Be honest about your answers. Do not answer them based on how you wish you felt…but on how you really feel.

Enneagram Test HERE

Another (shorter)  Enneagram Test HERE

Then, don’t just trust the test results. Once you get your number, test it against what you believe, read about it, make sure it fits. You know YOU the best. If your scores for more than one type are very similar, talk it out with a friend to validate your thinking.

Descriptions of Types can be found HERE and HERE and on a podcast HERE.

And remember this… if you are a 3. You are a unique 3.

You may be similar to me and other 3’s but you are the only you.

Think of your number as if it were a color, like blue for example. If you look at something and say “it is blue”…there are thousands upon thousands of hues of blue.

Now, as a caution… while you’re figuring out your number, resist the urge to label or assign a number to someone else. You may have them pegged, but let them determine that for themselves. There are good and bad traits to every personality type and your loved one may assume that the negative aspects of that type may be behind your thinking. Trust me on this and resist.

Go ahead…explore the Enneagram.

Depending on your type, it could lead to an obsession…or a celebration….or hibernation.