Can we really be GMO free?

Can it be done? Is it really possible to eliminate GMO’s from our diets and our homes?

Lately, we have felt compelled to try.As I have gotten older and more aware of these remaining years I have to move around in this earthly body, I’ve become more interested in how my health and mood are affected by the things I eat, drink and breathe.

My husband was first to begin the research. Our daughter has wavered back and forth between vegetarian and vegan for the past few years. All the while, I’ve been content to eat whatever…. but adding goodness like kombucha to offset the toxins.

My main concerns were the cost and convenience. We shop at Aldi and Trader Joe’s mostly. I knew that both had organic options and non-GMO labeled products. I just wasn’t sure if it was possible to make an actual meal plan off of non GMO foods for a reasonable amount of money. If it wasn’t going to be affordable enough to carry out for the long haul then why start in the first place.

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