Can we really be GMO free?

Can it be done? Is it really possible to eliminate GMO’s from our diets and our homes?

Lately, we have felt compelled to try.As I have gotten older and more aware of these remaining years I have to move around in this earthly body, I’ve become more interested in how my health and mood are affected by the things I eat, drink and breathe.

My husband was first to begin the research. Our daughter has wavered back and forth between vegetarian and vegan for the past few years. All the while, I’ve been content to eat whatever…. but adding goodness like kombucha to offset the toxins.

My main concerns were the cost and convenience. We shop at Aldi and Trader Joe’s mostly. I knew that both had organic options and non-GMO labeled products. I just wasn’t sure if it was possible to make an actual meal plan off of non GMO foods for a reasonable amount of money. If it wasn’t going to be affordable enough to carry out for the long haul then why start in the first place.

The other problem is that we like to eat out. We love a spontaneous date night to our favorite Greek restaurant or a bike ride to an authentic mexican place for the best chips and queso.

So…in adding these goals to our new healthy lifestyle, we decided that a much as possible, we would make the foods in our home non-GMO or organic.  And as far as eating out, we would research the local organic fare and try a few places…and eat at our current favorites just once in  a while. There will still be queso in my future and I will not resist a Krispy Kreme donut if offered, but for the majority of our intake, we want to be more cautious.

To get this done, we decided that we would begin by replacing things item for item until our pantry and fridge could be stamped with approval.

For example, when we purchased organic mayo, the old mayo was tossed out. The tea bags were used up and then only organic tea bags were bought. We only bought items that were non-GMO or better yet organic and because they are more expensive, we only bought what we had plans for eating. No more tossing things that looked good into the buggy. They were on the meal plan or the lunch packing list or the snack list. That’s it.

We are just getting started and right now, we are in the fun stages. The thrill of the hunt for organic replacements for all of our staples. We are shopping at Whole Foods, Aldi, and Trader Joe’s for now. Our eggs come from a friend who has local organic farm and our water is from a local mineral spring.

And tomorrow, we are expecting a package from Thrive Market a wholesale membership community that delivers healthy non GMO products directly to our door. We don’t have to guess (or investigate ingredients) when shopping the Thrive Market app. If they sell it, it is safe.  Our box contains things like cereal, peanut butter, pasta, breakfast bars, pita chips, pickle relish, chocolate chip cookies, coffee k cups and sugar. The prices are amazing and when a reasonable minimum is ordered, the shipping is free. If you’d like to give Thrive Market a try, use my link and you’ll get 25% off your first order… and I’ll get Thrive Cash to use for my next order. Win Win for both of us!

I’ll continue to share about our journey to GMO free living.It is a process and little by little we are making big strides. If you have any advice or tips to share, I’d love to hear from you.